The KHS 40th Anniversary :

2021 International Congress of the Korean Hip Society

September 9 (Thu) ~11 (Sat), 2021
Millennium Hilton Seoul

Welcome Message

Welcome to the 40th Anniversary ICKHS Congress!

Dear Distinguished colleagues,

It is my great honor to welcome all to “The KHS 40th Anniversary: 2021 International Congress of the Korean Hip Society” held by the Korean Hip Society. This event being the second international congress, celebrates the 40th anniversary of KHS on September 9(Thu)~11(Sat), 2021 at the Millennium Hilton Seoul, Korea. Approaching such a meaningful moment, we want to look over the past years and remind ourselves of the spirit of ‘Harmony and Evolution Beyond 40 Years’. This conference is particularly timely in view of the tremendous importance of medical and surgical technology in achieving the International Hip Society.

 From a hip joint research group in 1981, the Korean Hip Society has progressed ceaselessly to be the largest orthopedic society in Korea. Over the past periods, all faculties of KHS have endeavored to make great dedications to orthopedic studies and research. Owing much appreciation to them, we now stand where we are today to commemorate the honorable moment of the 40th Anniversary of Korean Hip Society. I highly assure that the future of KHS will take a leading role to boost the international status of clinical practice and medical technology.

Committees and faculties of ICKHS have strived to provide an excellent opportunity for all delegates to present their research and share knowledge in the area of hip surgery with stimulating ideas. Also, invaluable ideas and studies will be presented from respectable professional faculties from the Asia Pacific region. Last but not least, distinguished orthopedic surgeons around the world are invited to share their noble experiences at this year's conference.

I’d like to wish the best for all ICKHS participants to fully explore the scientific realms of orthopedics and gain deeper insights as well as sources for further research and studies.

Yours sincerely,

Byung-Woo Min, MD, PhD

Byung-Woo Min
Byung-Woo Min, MD, PhD
President of the ICKHS 2021
Division of Hip & Pelvis, Department of Orthopedic Surgery
Keimyung University College of Medicine, Deagu, Republic of Korea